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Formulation Development

The development of drug formulation of Rablon Healthcare is unique and ideal, just as our drugs that have a distinct and inimitable identity of their own in the market. It forms the fundamental and most critical step in the entire process of drug development. A strategic formulation plan is the first step that should be always carried out prior to every formulation projects. It is not just a single step but a collection of well organized and step by step procedure that helps to achieve the target goals in time.

Systematic analysis of the pre-formulation information details, proposed manufacturing procedure, any issue of patient complaints and the preplanned targets of the company ultimately results in an effective formulation strategy. The complete evaluation of the drug and its effect on the candidates at the time of pre-formulation forms a crucial step for the development of the formulation process. Several challenges presented by the candidate during this phase include poor solubility, pitiable physical stability and low bioavailability of the drug.

And, hence the formulation development is very much needed to overcome and clear all the related issues of the drug encountered during its development phase. We utilize data driven and coherent approach for executing the formulation development of the drug that include development of prototype, optimization as well as finalization of the formulation, a complete screening of the drug and evaluation of pre-formulation dissolvability and constancy.