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What is the role of MHRA?

Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) describes an agency of the Government in UK that takes care of assuring the safe side of the manufacturing drugs. Initiated in April 2003, this platform was established when Medicines Control Agency (MCA) & Medical Devices Agency (MDA) amalgamated. It is also the executive agency of the Health department.

  • MHRA performs the following roles:
  1. Function post-marketing surveillance to report, investigate &examine the ill-effects of medical reactions with the medicines & medical devices.
  2. Administer effective trials of the drugs its related products.
  3. Promotion for secured application of the pills & its devices.
  4. Examine & assure compliance with sanctioned agreement regarding medicines.
  5. Aims to spread healthcare with health-benefitting medicines.
  6. Stimulating developments of pharmaceutical products beneficial for people.

MHRA scrutinizes blood & its products & functions with blood services in UK, healthcare regulators & other affiliates to improvise blood quality & its assurance. Rablon Healthcare, a leading pharmaceutical company in India possesses MHRA certification.